Receive your CoopNFT, which gives you Global Business Ownership on the blockchain.

Your CoopNFT is a store of value and can be used to make money and/or sell for a profit.



Receive CoopBits, which is the native token of the CoopEcoSystem and is designed to be versatile with a wide range of potential uses beyond just representing value.



Receive multiple decentralized digital Wallets that are used by the entire CoopEcoSystem to complete financial transactions such as; registrations, renewals, member to member transfers, token purchases and withdrawals.


Business Academy

Join CoopBusiness for Advanced Business, Financial and Crypto Literacy Education. Gain knowledge, tools, and support to succeed in business and life.

Has two membership levels:

  • CoopElite $1-A-Day

Fund It

We understand that success starts at home.

Our first priority is ensuring your monthly expenses are covered , then being out of debt and having the funds you need to achieve your greatest business successes.


There's More

We are contsntly adding more tools and resources to help you reach your goals.

To be added:

  • CoopMeetUp
  • Crypto Literacy
  • Financial Literacy
  • Daily Challenges
  • CoopRewards
  • CoopStays


Business System

Join CoopBusiness for Advanced Business Education and Coop Venture Funding. Our cooperative business model fosters collaboration to achieve individual economic, social, and aspirational goals. Gain knowledge, tools, and support to succeed in business and life.


CoopWallet is a decentralized digital Wallet and is integrated into the entire CoopEcoSystem enabling seamless and secure transactions between CoopBusiness GBO’s. CoopWallet allows you to complete registrations, renewals, member-to-member transfers, token purchases, and daily withdrawals of funds.

CoopWallet uses a 2-step authentication to help ensure the security of your valuable digital assets.

Become A

Unlock the incredible financial benefits of becoming a CoopAffiliate and embark on a transformative journey to secure your financial future. By joining us as a CoopAffiliate, you open the door to sharing the exceptional advantages of CoopBusiness with others while reaping remarkable financial rewards.

As a CoopAffiliate, you have the potential to quickly generate earnings to pay your membership subscription, provide you the means to cover your personal monthly living expenses, break free from debt, and fund your most ambitious ideas.


At CoopBusiness, challenges are the perfect way to unleash your potential and achieve your goals. As a member, you'll have access to powerful challenges that foster teamwork, personal growth, and innovation.

Can Be Beat

Coop Ups is our cooperative mission that is fighting poverty and having fun! Join us and help uplift individuals and families out of poverty by providing affordable opportunities, entrepreneurial training and sustainable income.

Together, we can end poverty and create a brighter future. Learn more and join our community today!

But Wait There's More

Be ready to new reach heights as we add exciting new services!

Whether you're looking to up your business coaching game or get expert financial planning advice, we've got you covered.

With CoopBusiness™, the sky's the limit when it comes to reaching your financial goals. Don't miss out, join now and unlock your business potential!